Relearning to Believe Like a Hero {Pt.2} Opening the Window

Remember before,

Remember how to believe?

The majority of people forget how by their thirties. They travel about in the world but stay lost; having lost their belief like a light unlit in the dark.

Eyelids like window panes, eyes like archaic pictures of the soul, soften your heart, and the window will open; the Light let in.

Not quite enough? so how? Reset - all but the soul by the soul.

One method is to fast from speaking for extended periods of time, reflecting inward to God, The Silent, The Subtle. Every atom in your body shall buzz faster; peak frequency over peak frequency. Moments of heavenly clarity will become daily, even hourly. Awoken to the level of an angelic detective moving forward solving codes without any fear of loss, suffering or death. And when rest is finally needed, the body and mind does so effectively {the sage nature}.

In the quest for truth one must sacrifice time and worldly wealth for an UnSeen Everlasting Gold of the Soul; a loan to God lighting the lamp of the heart; guiding all senses as one nerve - living heavenly ~ resting naturally.

With righteous intention interpret the writings of ancient Prophets and sages, and thus the beginning and end of wisdom draw near.

Pairing knowledge with wisdom in a centered direction (vertically objective and horizontally impartial) one's heart shall rest in peace before it rests in peace.

To see the miraculous - often so-called when not - is but a lie thought true. And yet, the sights of higher dimensions, almost miraculous in reality, almost always occur after belief in the higher dimensions; the Heavens; sky up/heart in.

What is it like to believe?

To believe is to travel without moving; a disciplined imagination. Cycles of inspired ideas spiraling gold overlaps across knowledge spheres. Propagandic prisms cannot distort your will; all colors refracting together into a platinum pearl light; the purified crystallization of alchemical inner vision.

What to remember:

Try hard to keep your mind egoless, unemotional; not too open, not too closed - neutral.

Dare to deny the pleasurable validations of your current worldviews,

it will be only a matter of time

before the truth (of the Truth) opens doors for you.

Now unwrap history off the present - until mankind's momentum into the future mean everything.

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