Relearning to Believe { Pt.1 } Like a Hero

Other than gaining and gleaning knowledge and understanding without pretense, is there any other truer [approach to] religion?

This answer is indirect: Without the knowledge to understand one's religion or inherited worldview, and without the knowledge to understand the cultural cards being dealt by those initiated into illumination, one can never be a true leader; at best a player in a reactionary game coached by puppet idols, whose positions of power depend on following the secret rules of those whom reign from above the chaos they cause - the intentionally misleading News World Orders.

To ride the stream of popular culture is as easy as a dead body floating down a river. Most so-called leaders fall into this categorical fortune.

But to resist culture and religion, to defend against and defeat the orchestrators of culture and religion, by creating culture and rediscovering the prophetic bridges between religions, what kind of beliefs motivate someone, a hero, like that?

A good question: Before reaching heroic selflessness, do heroes remove knowledge to make room for belief?

Heroes will remove information, yes; remove truth, never. For non-heroes, more likely yes, if one was institutionalized to use his mental faculties alone in a handful of directions as teachers, employers and managers tend to expect [which could be most-irritating to a hero's intellect].

More likely no, if one was brought up into adulthood with truthful lessons regarding physics and metaphysics, and hasn't unlearned how to think from one's purely protected heart in all directions, as a young child does.

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