The Alchemical Keynote of the Sage

September 1, 2015

Alchemy, elixirs, the philosopher's stone..  Why is it a struggle to locate clear definitions in the mainstream of our time? 



Alchemy, on paper, is an encryption, and to decrypt it one only requires an alchemical dictionary, or the scholarly annotations usually provided in the book. 


Alchemy, on a person to person level, depends on the people involved (as there are more cultures and religions than any non-historian would care to keep score). 


When one is alone, alchemy depends on the chosen direction of learning, as one harmonizes mind to rest on breathing (and breathing to rest on mind) during and between active and rest times.


Alchemy is both the map and the mirror to read it with; the destination - the peak of one's mountainous power. 


Alchemy: a transformation at the energetic level into full-strength adulthood, sustained by a cyclical way of life sometimes with the assistance of a moderate amount of elixirs [coffee, hemp, wine, etcetera], until one's inner elixir is crystalized; refracting Heaven's Light back to the creative soul - inward down - the highest aura.  


Preserve this crystalized sensitivity, and be immortalized with admiration by mankind and jjnnkind. 



The Philosopher's Stone, in reality, isn't a stone, nor is it any combination of substances alchemically cooked into precious gems or spiritual creatures.  The 'stone' is indeed real, ethereal, and all of us already own the key to unlocking it.  



Just two conditions: a return to consistent sincerity, and a recognition of mortal duality. 



Extant across modern societies still remain more than a few opportune paths to earn this level of consciousness.  But there also exists One Way, the [ancient] Tao of the sage, which will work for just about any adult; poor or rich, older or younger.  



The Keynote to the Philosophers Tone:


From your soul to your self say,


‘I’d rather be a leader of none, than a follower of any misleader.’










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