Overstepping Understanding {the Emptiness at the Top}

If one lives atop a mountain, it seems as though upon a hill.

Must every king and queen (or modern leader of leaders) submit to a life of unnatural seclusion? How else to keep up the moral productivity of his community, while egolessly watching over it?

Leaders at the top are doorways to choirs of angels and hordes of devils. All great men of goodness, and all great men of evil, are misunderstood when analyzed primarily by their public life.

All great men of goodness, and all great men of evil, are misunderstood by all those who are nothing great themselves.

Therein is the paradox .: How to be nothing, but great doing everything?

A passage from Huainanzi, “The Masters of Huainan,written over two thousand years ago,

When a boat is crossing a river, if an empty boat broadsides it and overturns it, the passengers in the first boat may very well be upset, but they won’t be resentful.

But let there be even one person in the second boat, and suppose he doesn’t respond to the calls of the passengers in the first boat, he will surely be followed by ugly voices.

The reason they are not angry in the former instance is that the boat is empty. The reason they are angry in the latter instance is that the boat is full. If you can empty yourself as a means of traveling through the world, who can criticize you?

And from Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching, also written over two millennia ago,

Carrying body and soul and embracing the One, can you avoid separation? Attending fully, and becoming supple, can you be as a newborn babe? Washing and cleansing the primal vision, can you be without stain? Loving all men and ruling the country, can you be without cleverness?

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