Sailing Safely Through the Wild Wind

Honoring the civilized norms of one’s society brings peaceful goodness to yourself and the world. The mainstream normal life is busy with social commitments. Interactions with the government and at the workplace, with family and friends, are bound to cause stress. Life is stressful for everyone. But don’t stress it. Awareness of this quandary is all that is necessary to navigate through.

Sailing Safely Through the Wild Wind, Anonymous Limbs Media, Anonymous Psylosoph

Stress is a changing of the wind. Like the wind of the Earth, the body’s wind is forecastable at certain times after certain times – and yet sometimes the wind is undeniably wild. And when it is, when the body’s pulses push it into a heated or frozen state, have the environment set and preparations made for the wild energy to be released in a hidden (or at the very minimum controlled) wilderness.

Sailing the Wild Wind Controlled Wilderness, YCN JSN, Anonymous Psylosophy, Anon

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