December 26, 2017

Remember before,

Remember how to believe? 

The majority of people forget how by their thirties. They travel about in the world but stay lost; having lost their belief like a light unlit in the dark. 

Eyelids like window panes, eyes like arch...

April 22, 2016

Other than gaining and gleaning knowledge and understanding without pretense, is there any other truer [approach to] religion?

This answer is indirect: Without the knowledge to understand one's religion or inherited worldview, and without the knowledge to unde...

January 11, 2015

Honoring the civilized norms of one’s society brings peaceful goodness to yourself and the world.  The mainstream normal life is busy with social commitments.  Interactions with the government and at the workplace, with family and friends, are bound to cause stress.  L...

January 7, 2015

Feelings are emotions combusted into thoughts - habits - your life's savings in the  heart's vault.


January 2, 2015

Plan on, but don't overdo, your New Year's Resolution.  Win what you're in, without spreading yourself thin (think Yin).  



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Quantum-Mandela Effect Questionnaire : Mainstream Media

December 26, 2016

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