Preview of The Universal Race

Written By Resendus

C H A P T E R  2


© 2014 by Jason Resendus

Before the Big Bang, before the Creation of the Universe and even the Heavens, inside the infinite vacuum of Light, Lucifer, the first named, had asked the first question, ‘By how much is more than none?’ 

Those who answered any more than one dimmed with Him, and slid into the distance. 

He has tilted time, splitting it, priming a fragmentation of what was once one dimension. 

The two sides gravitate closer, streamline and crash like two nuclear missiles aimed for each other

– BANG –

the galactic Universe.


In a primitive settlement surrounded by endless desert there are two types of people: the stronger men, who fight and do not die, dividing the second type of people, the meek, who are enslaved.  Working the gardens every Sun and Moon, the oppression became unbearable to the meek men.  Some men receive a vision of a star sending its last light.  That Moon, they leave home with neighbors who had the same vision. 


By the next Moon all but a boy dies.  He somehow finds his way back.  But by now he is a wiser man, and by midnight, without throwing a single attack, the last of the stronger men, the Three Kings, are dead.  The wiser man had awoken that Sun nothing to nobody, and now rests a leader of everybody.


Darkness cycles tens of thousands of Moons.  The next generations had no choice but to rest outside; everywhere one could walk was someone’s bed.  The people no longer loved this wiser man more than themselves; many loved him next to not at all, and some even less than that.  Everyone lost the intention of sharing anything with the wiser man.  His flesh started to roast, belly burning from within.  While his neighbors were resting, he exiled himself without a farewell. 


In the heat rays he walked dazed, hating all he once loved.  Imagination mumbling his mind, his body fails and falls, forced to crawl.  Waiting for a sign from his shadow, to greyness he faded.  The little energy he had was spent in search of new experiences of pain.  Unwisest in his ways, he hung upside down from a dead tree’s branch, and hit himself on the head with a rock, falling to his rest into the muddy water – where the shadow was not welcome.  And yet, he always woke afloat.  His shadow somehow saved him.  The wiser man yearned to die; into a new life, one where he could remember tomorrow without ever waking, If I was not I, I could have been SomeHow, the AllKing


And so he rested; the closest he could be to death.  Rest, he named, Cousin, his only companion.  Awake, he reviews Cousin’s visitation until his next, until a last.

Bye time.

His Soul departs.

His spirit, body and mind remained.  

Time           to              provoke               progress.


About a tree’s depth beneath the ground rivers flow between tribes, guiding the wiser man back to his people, this time marking his arrival with words and culture.  To conquer every tribe – he would – and he had.  His followers had a love of only two things: sex, and unfair games of life and death.  All would go – had went – along; the dead forgotten.  His empire now shadowed the vast lands once dreamt of, worth more than any afterlife he could guess, worth everything he had to offer – even his Soul (as he had, and it was) sealed sold.


Most of the planet’s solid surface was ruined, even possibly irreparably arid – deserted by even the monstrous.  Nature, the spirit of Earth, had never known hate before being introduced to the manipulative evil of Lucifer’s fate: A culpable course of a force unstoppable to all tribes of men.  But not to Nature’s favour, for she would not approve of Lucifer’s plan any longer.  She had one final gift for Him death – the evil energy off her planet.  Destined to war to the bitter extermination of the other nation, Lucifer and His monstrosities prepare their ranks against Nature, and the few families she kept secret from all; a distant tribe led by benign Elders.







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