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The next monetized project to publish. Looking for at least one artist to illustrate the cover art and potentially a graphic novel because those sell better these days. An audiobook will be in the works soon, too, with an original soundtrack and possibly a professional voice actor (or just author's voice).


Size of Submission No minimum. No maximum. If you, the contributor, feel gender and age or profession is important to the message, then those details can be included upon request. The only stone-cold rule is no names are published for a little while. [Most psylosophies are written by Resendes.]


I'm not accepting music at the moment, The current AnonyMuzsician will not be forever.  Who will be the next one ?  If there is a next one . .. ... .. .  


Visual art is very costly to create which is why another AnonyMuzsic compilation won't happen soon. Still A LOT of RetrEcho Vol.01 Muzsic Videos to publish with original writings (when the time is right).    


YCN JSN, the video editor, animator, and writer for AnonyMuzsic, is willing to work for money! Yes, you can hire me! [For editing, video editing,  writing, and possibly artwork and animation].