aNoNyMoUs ReTrEcHo, The First

The Alpha , The Frame of AnonyMuzsic

Anonymous RetrEcho , The Second

The Beta , The Path of AnonyMuzsic

Previously unknown to humankind the breath before the echo, as slices of sci-fi singles splice together - a pair of RetrEchoes are being brought to you via AnonyMuzsic's VeRetro Echo YouTube Mixture, by another musician who's rather mysterious.

Undetectable by all radars of man and alien man and jjnn and alien jjnn, hidden in the heavenly shadow of a distant Moon’s umbra, somewhere between meditation and hibernation the solar light of a hollowing star bends around – but somehow bends straight into a narrowing cone of refracting light. The first step into the Seen Universe begins now; through the boundary of light and dark at the tip of the umbra’s shadow cone – catching the fastest lightwave across the Universe the longest way around in an inhale; exhaling the Fourth RetrEcho.

🌑 ALERT - The Omega RetrEcho just broke through the Glitch Gate between every parallel reality - the fractal hologram spanning the omnipresent internet now complete 🌑