Are you a leader? but live day to day in a follower’s circumstance?  What if there was a way you could change that, starting today, without any fear of retaliation, directly or indirectly.  How?  Write that light out from your heart, and send those golden words to Anonymous Limbs, and be published anonymously (until the end of time, or until you are prepared to lead).  


How and why I got into writing books is no remarkable story.  On one sunlit day I realized my ideas for fiction were better than most widely considered the best, and now, in my early thirties, I have kept perfect my philosopher’s tone.

Monday to Friday I earn a living as an archivist like Lao Tzu, who is historically attributed as the founder of the Tao.  Millions of media items requested and returned have passed through my palms.  During a portion of my shift I listen to non-fiction or music to motivate me through the day; similar to a soldier in training, working full speed while getting paid to learn [about the cultural forces of the worlds]. 


What makes a psylosophy?  Strength; in the format of a motivational verse to boost the spirit, or a timely observation on a controversial matter, and whatever is in between.  Ideally, a psylosophical proverb is motivating yet calming, while being empowering yet humbling.  Capturing all that on single page, truthfully, could earn the words immortalization on the Psylosophy of the Soul page, coinciding with publication on social media and Anonymous Limbs' flagship Psylosophy Blog.


Writing simply to empower, or to simply motivate, stirs up more passion and actually resonates with more people, but because of the tilted polarity, those psylosophies are destined for the Psylosophy of the Spirit page, coinciding with  publication on social media and Anonymous Limbs' flagship Psylosophy Blog. 


Bottom-line, the guidelines are flexible; just send your heart's articulations on leadership, or on anything it deems of value (keeping the tone of tentativeness slight if at all). 


If your psylosophy goes viral, nothing is stopping you from taking the credit!  Imagine, years from now, how surprized people will be when they discover such sharp insight was your contribution to the world all along. 

Is your sense of justice humorous? Are you able to express that talent in ink?  If so, now is your chance to prove it without risk – shielded from all spite in high and low places*. [*almost all.] 

Do you have the ears to hear the retro echo?  As old as it is new, the most invigorating vibrations to rebound the spectrally shifted skies, the RetrEcho spreads.  So ready yourself to take a trip down nostalgia lane - for the radicalest records presently revolving in the ReRetro scene. 


There dwells on Earth's surface at least a triple digit amount of people so talented, if they had been born a couple decades earlier, would have easily made a famous living off their epic creations.  We at Anonymous Limbs believe many of these artists have the potential and discipline to achieve the same level of success regardless of their birthdate, which is why the AnonyMuzsic project was developed; to speed up the pace of reaching their destiny's peak.   

What is ReRetro? RetrEcho/Ridetro/Roadtro/ReRetro

A balancing act of brightness and darkness, like motorcycling down a mountain tunnel during a blackout at night, play AnonyMuzsic's VeRetro Echo YouTube Mixtureover 30 hours of ReRetro released within the last decade - and binge your sense with the sounds of our prior generation.   


{ ~ Happened to have grown a bit taller during the '80s?  Well then this mix just might be the eardrum therapy your spirit's been waiting decades for ~ }

Who is The AnonyMuzsician?

Who is The Guy In The Grey Hood?

Who is Mr. Driver?


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